Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Masterly Madrid

I have seldom seen Real Madrid play so well as this did this evening in their Champions League 2013-14 opening match against Galatasary in Istambul. Galatasaray are a frightening side, not least playing at home, and today they did not play badly, even after Isco brought the visitors ahead in the first half. In the second half they were even close to equalizing, but an unforgiving and well-organized Real Madrid side was not shaken at any point in the match, instead playing with an awesome patient efficiency that could get them far in the tournament. Two goals by Karim Benzema and three goals by a fantastic Cristiano Ronaldo were the result. Umut Bulut's goal for Galatasaray did not matter a bit for a Real Madrid side that played like possible champions.
They mean it. But there is a long way to go!
In the meantime, in their group, Juventus was again unable to play in Copenhagen (where I am not aware whether people with a foreign-sounding name were able to attend the match?), where 1-1 against the locals should be a huge disappointment, and the Italians are already trailing the Spaniards in the fight for first spot in the group.

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