Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Supercup title

Perhaps it is a symbol of a season to come that Pep Guardiola's first title with Bayern Munich was the one title they have not won before.
But before lifting the trophy Bayern Munich had to suffer in the feet of Jose Mourinho's Chelsea, a side that already seems changed under the Portuguese. Mr. Mourinho is surely not a very sympathetic figure (and I am quite sure he cares less about people saying this about him), but the magic touch he did not have in Real Madrid, is something he seems to have brought back to Chelsea. All players fight hard, with spirit, something that was not the case last season. Also, their disciplined organization in the back, combined with excellent striking power (the arrival of Samuel Eto'o is in my view exciting news for all of us fans of the Cameroonian! Does he still have it in him?), makes Chelsea one of the contender for both the Premier League and the Champions League title, in spite of many people disliking it (I am not fond of it, but I surely still admire Mr. Mourinho as a fantastic coach).
When Fernando Torres brought Chelsea ahead things already looked difficult for Bayern Munich. When Eden Hazard brought them ahead in extra time after Frank Ribery's equalizer, it seemed that Chelsea, even one man down, was going to get a sweet victory. However, one thing to admire in Bayern Munich's super side, is the tenacity with which they continued creating chances, only to be hindered by a splendid wall in the form of Petr Cech! What a splendid goalkeeper he continues to be! Javi Martinez last minute equalizer was well-deserved, if not disappointing for Chelsea and Petr Cech in particular.
Penalty kicks are a lottery, and the loser in the final was the young Romelu Lukaku. It showed strength that he was willing to take that last crucial kick. But he will surely be at the forefront again together with the rest of Chelsea.
In the meantime, another title for Guardiola and another for Bayern Munich.

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