Thursday, February 07, 2013

Burkina Faso's first final!

Ghana disappointed again. Granted, they have not looked good in the tournament, and were lucky not to be eliminated by Cape Verde, but they remained favourites against Burkina Faso, who had never made it to a final before. As two years ago, penalty kicks in South Africa proved to be Ghana's doom, and just as Ivory Coast, Ghana must start to consider whether they are also a version of "old Spain", always entering tournaments as favourites and disappointing.
Burkina Faso in the meantime have been a delight, but they will be weakened in the final without Jonathan Pitroipa, who was red carded at the end of the match. While Burkina Faso will be a newcomer to the final they will face Nigeria, who entered the tournament without expectation but have been getting stronger and stronger, and were looking like champions when they crushed Mali 4-1 in their semifinal. For sure, Nigeria is on the verge of re-taking its rightful position as an African footballing superpower, amid all the chaos of its football. That said, the last hurdle of Burkina Faso will not be easy, as many fans will be cheering for the Burkinabes! Including myself!

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El Erik said...

I was traveling when the final happened, so did not manage to see it, but was happy to see Nigeria regain the African crown (although I cannot hide how much I would have liked to see Burkina Faso take it) winning 1-0 in the final!
Congratulations to Nigerian fans!