Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pep to Munich

We are only a few weeks into the year, but the news today will surely be some of the most surprising and interesting of 2013. Barcelona's former coach, Pep Guardiola has ended speculation about his future (and rumours included Brazil, Manchester United and Chelsea. One has to admire that he did not choose the soap opera of Chelsea) and has signed a contract with none other than the German giants of Bayern Munich from the summer of 2013.
As many were surely expecting Guardiola to go to England or Italy, the news that he will be in the Bundesliga must have surprised many. Still, there is logic to the choice. Contrary to prejudice the German league is quite offensive with a massive amount of young talent, surely also in Bayern Munich. The German giants must at the same time have considered that Guardiola represents a style of football that they will be eager to play, while Guardiola is coming to a club that has the same level of ambitions to win in Europe as Barcelona.
Guardiola has never coached anything but his native club, so it will be hugely interesting to see whether his personality and style can adapt to a completely different footballing culture. There is no doubt though, that he will be under enormous pressure, but at the same time, Guardiola is a cool-headed guy.
Surely Bayern Munich has won some fans with Guardiola as well!

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