Sunday, December 09, 2012

United on top in Manchester (and in England)

The Manchester derby between United and City was bound the be a great match, considering the wonderful players both teams have, their eternal rivalry and the fact that they are 1 and 2 in the Premier League respectively. City were on fire as the game started, but it was Wayne Rooney who put United ahead 1-0 and 2-0 in the first half, ending City's initial dominance, and distancing themselves on first spot.
But last year City won the title by fighting back in the last match, and it was no difference this time. When Carlos Tevez came in for Mario Balotelli it seemed it gave City a boost, and with goals by Yaya Toure and Pablo Zabaleta, they got the match on 2-2, and City's hopes were clearly up as the match was coming to an end.
But in the last minute a free kick by Robbie Van Persie put United in front, giving them a victory that gives them a comfortable six-point lead in the Premier League table.
A great match; only bad thing was the behaviour of the Manchester city fans (why do we call them fans anyway?).


SoccerRag said...

Ferguson practically won the title on the day he signed Robin Van Persie. This current United team is poor compared to previous versions (weak defence, no clear matchwinner in midfield) but Van Persie has shown last season with Arsenal that he can carry an average team to greater heights, and with United being much stronger than the Gunners, the Dutch striker is clearly enough to lift them above City. The other factor is City are clearly gripped in the classic season-after-winning-title syndrome - still having a hangover and with Mancini getting easily frustrated.

Can't see any other team except United going on to win it now. City should still finish a close second though, but mainly because of United's defending.

El Erik said...

Interesting. I agree United made a class bargain with Van Persie, who should be candidates as one of the best players in the world, were it not for the awful Euro!