Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The fall of Barca

After losing 0-1 in Chelsea, I was personally expecting (though not hoping) that Barcelona would pull through at home. And after leading 2-0 and being one man up after John Terry's pretty silly red card, it looked as if Barcelona were on their way to a new final. But then Lionel Messi, the "best" player in the world, missed a penalty, and with a 1-2 goal by Ramires, Chelsea was suddenly in the match again. Barcelona needed another goal to get through, and pressed on in the second half, but only to see Fernando Torres score the equalizer in the last minutes of the match during a counterattack.
Last weekend Barcelona lost the league after also losing at home to Real Madrid, and only a few days later, is now out of the Champions League. They may also lose the Cup final to Athletic Bilbao, and this will be the end of the Barcelona dream team. Used to winning at will over the last few years, Barcelona does not have the mentality or the style to rise above these disappointments. What it needs is a major overhaul and build up a new team.
I am happy for Chelsea!

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