Thursday, September 22, 2011

Valencia on top

I managed to watch the Valencia-Barcelona match in Miami Airport while waiting for a delayed flight.
Valencia had started the league well with three straight wins, while Barcelona had lost points to Real Sociedad. But this remained Valencia's first big test, and it did not go as bad as some would expect, as Valencia was the better team in the first half, and were ahead 2-2. They continued playing well in the second half, but with Barcelona pressuring more until getting the equalizer by way of Cesc Fabregas.
It is good to see that Valencia remained on first spot as Real Madrid did not manage to win either, and this has given many hope about the apparent quality of the Spanish league. But I believe this is a fluke: the Spanish league is still a two-team league. Perhaps Real Madrid and Barcelona are having start-up difficulties; perhaps the small teams are starting with naive optimism; perhaps someone has in some mysterious way decided that the league should start with a little surprise... However, be sure that in a couple of months, the usual balance will return, where the only matches that matter for the title are Real Madrid and Barcelona, while the rest of the teams are only there to fight for the Champions League scraps and relegation.
All Valencia fans live with the illusion of a great Valencia side with title aspirations, but we should all wake up! And until then, just enjoy it while it lasts!


santino said...

In my opinion, the real difference between the 2 big teams and the rest is not how they perform on the big games. Valencia and Atletico (among others) are perfectly capable of beating RM and Barcelona any given sunday. The problem is that they drop more points against smaller teams than the 2 big ones. That's why the league is called "torneo de la regularidad". The teams with the big budgets are the ones that can perform consistently durin 38 games

El Erik said...

very good point, and I agree completely. The big budgets lead to more consistently good players, and less dependence on injuries or so.
Valencia is still in deep economic trouble, but is managing it well.

DKDynamite said...

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