Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adiós Deportivo

The excitement of the last round of the 2010-11 Spanish league was all about who would be relegated together with Almería and Hercules. It is perhaps telling about how poor the Spanish league is (outside the top 2), that in the last few rounds, up to eight teams were fighting relegation! While there are 21 points between teams number 2 (Real Madrid) and 3 (Valencia), there are only 19 points separating teams 4 (Villarreal) and 18 (Deportivo La Coruña).

Deportivo La Coruña has been a popular top team for 20 seasons in the Spanish top league. The Galician side even won the Championship in 2000, positively upsetting the power of the top teams. But with Real Madrid and Barcelona taking off from the rest of the teams, Deportivo has suffered, and this season has been dreadful, culminating yesterday. Deportivo was at home to Valencia, and needed points to avoid relegation. After a barrage of missed chances, Valencia ended up winning 0-2, and Deportivo became the last team to be relegated. Next season, this great Galician side will play in Segunda División, and the club and their fans will be sorely missed in the top flight!
Hope they will be back soon!

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