Saturday, July 24, 2010

El Diego in Venezuela (and El Erik)

I am back in Venezuela after the world cup, to a long football hangover. Surprised was I to see that as I returned my great idol, the reason I love football, Diego Maradona, was coming to Venezuela as well, as a guest of president Hugo Chavez.
Maradona has apparently been offered to continue as Argentinean national coach, a decision that is undoubtfully controversial, although I think he has been good, loyal to the style Argentina should be known for - the tragedy of playing beautifully, of dreaming, but losing anyway...
On TV I saw him stand next to Mr. Chavez as the latter announced that he was cutting diplomatic ties with Colombia. I think the only amusing thing about it all was that I have never seen Maradona be so quiet! It is quite impressive that Mr. Chavez can make El Diego himself speechless!
Maradona is still the greatest there ever was!
But El Erik is also in Caracas!

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