Saturday, May 29, 2010

Real Madrid coaches

Much is being said about José Mourinho's new tenure of coach of Real Madrid (he is being officially presented on Monday), and expectations are huge, obviously, when the best coach of the world joins a club whose aim is nothing less than winning everything. Surely this is a great challenge for a man with unlimited ambition, but pressure will also be enormous. Manuel Pellegrini did not do badly as a coach, and seems very bitter at leaving, as he was obviously not allowed to continue building on what he had started.
And this is something that seems to have been rampant in Real Madrid since they fired the coach Vicente del Bosque in 2003 (he had won two Champions League and two league titles since 1999), Real Madrid has had the following list of coaches:
  • Carlos Queiroz, 2003-2004 (11 months)
  • José Antonio Camacho: 2004 (4 months)
  • Mariano García Remón: 2004 (3 months)
  • Wanderlei Luxemburgo: 2004-2005 (11 months)
  • Juán Ramón López Caro: 2005-2006 (6 months)
  • Fabio Capello: 2006-2007 (11 months)
  • Bernd Schuster: 2007-2008 (17 months)
  • Juande Ramos: 2008-2009 (7 months)
  • Manuel Pellegrini: 2009-2010 (11 months)
Nine coaches in seven years, with an average time of 9 months per coach tells of a club that puts too high demands on its coaches in a league that is increasingly competitive, and does not let these coaches build up a team. They are proof of a club that views footballing success as something to be bought.
With the quality of players and the skills of Mourinho, it will surely be interesting to see Real Madrid next season, but the question remains whether the charistmatic, brilliant and controversial Portuguese also will leave as soon as the previous coaches!