Saturday, January 23, 2010

Football blues

I am having football blues. I guess I have moved to a non-footballing country, and I actually miss to go to a good pub and watch some football over a large pint of beer. But also, I am wondering whether this will be a football year that will bring some of the great moments; will my teams win anything? Will I watch any memorable matches? Will this World Cup will be memorable....?
Sure I will remember it; I record everything about a World Cup. But will it have some amazing matches? Will it have any matches that I will remember watching? The moment? The place? The people I watched it with?
Last World Cup was not that good in terms of quality and excitement. Still, I remember it mostly for being in Ghana for the memorable matches of that country. Will the next world cup bring any memorable moments...? (Venezuela is not in the world cup!).
I need a few pints of beer and talk football, something I haven't done for ages! Good I have this blog!

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