Thursday, July 30, 2009

Top Nine beers to drink while watching football

Beer and football go hand in hand - don't believe otherwise! And I love drinking beers while wathing a football match! This is my personal list of the best beers to drink during football. It must be underlined that the list builds on my experience while watching footbal, and that they do not necessarily constitute what I consider the best beer! In fact, I have to underline that when I watch football, preferably in a pub, I prefer to drink draft beers - so many of these are drafts, but I will mention which ones I would prefer as drafts.
1) Stella Artois: A draft pint of Stella Artois is actually the best beer to watch football. I have greatly enjoyed it in Brussels and in London watching football, and it takes the top spot for being a delicious draft and good in pubs for great matches.
2) Kronenbourg: This is a delicious draft, but not available in most of the places I have been at. In fact, I only remember drinking these in Paris, one afternoon watching football by myself.
3) Tuborg Classic: This is the draft pint I usually get when watching football in Copenhagen. It is a fine beer, much better than the "normal" pint.
4) Carlsberg Special: In Copenhagen, if they don't have the "Classic", I usually drink this.
5) Refsvindinge Ale no. 16: My family lives in Fyn, near the brewery that brews these delicious ales, and it is therefore the only ones they drink. I have often had one or two of these when watching football at my parents place.
6) Chimay Blueu: This is a delicious Belgian beer, but is quite heavy, and I am unable to drink any more than two for a match, so it is usually not the kind of beer you have over a long match with many friends. It is best enjoyed with a great match where you don't necessarily support either team!
7) Cruzcampo: I have had plenty of these when watching football in Spain over tapas, and therefore, this beer is quite special for me. It is not the best in the world though.
8) Heineken: With a list that includes Carlsberg, it is surely necessary to include the Dutch champions league sponsors. Their pints are ok but somewhat borin, similar to the normal Carlsberg (which is why I normally drink Classic), but you can drink a lot of them!
9) Jupiler: I would often go to a pub near Schuman to watch football when living in Brussels, and I would always have "a pint of Jupe", meaning this beer, which is not bad, although it has a bad reputation for some reason.

PS: Why did I make a top-9 and not a top-10? No particular reason really...

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