Thursday, June 18, 2009

FIFA prohibits video refereeing

In the match between Brazil and Egypt, an Egyptian player made a save on the line in the last minute of the match. Initially, the referee called a corner, but apparently, after his 4th referee called his attention, called the penalty kick, whereby Brazil won on a goal by Kaká. This was the just thing, and should show that TV images are useful for referees.
However, after protests by Egypt, FIFA has denied that video images of the situation influenced the referee, and has instead stated that all TV screens near the box are to be outlawed in this Confederations Cup.
What a sad day for all football fans, fair football teams, and for all referees who want to be as just as possible...
When something unjust, illegal, and unfar happens, isn't it in the interest of everyone to find out!? And if technology can help to improve this, without interrupting the flow and beauty of the match, shouldn't this be the way to go!?!?
I understand that we shouldn't call TV for every penalty, but this is not necessary - in most matches no situation calls for it, and in a few matches, only one situation does, like the situation was the case in the Brazil-Egypt match, and it didn't interrupt the flow of the game, but gave the match a more fair result!
It is a pity, a shame, that FIFA does not even want to test this. I think it can only be in the interest of FIFA to have as fair a match as possible.
Why not use the opportunities at hand? Why not help the referees to be better? Why not create a more fair game?
It would be for the best of the most beautiful game on the planet. FIFA's apparent intransigence on this is a hindrance to a better game.

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