Friday, May 16, 2008

Facebook and football

Facebook is probably the most time-wasting shit on the internet, although I have found and stayed in touch with many friends through the social network. Nevertheless, there are tons of useless features on facebook, and with more time and a favourable internet connection, I went into check out some of them related to football:
  • news: This brings you the latest news from UEFA, and is ok, but I think I may as well add an RSS feed on my webpage, as I don't have the habit of consulting football news on Facebook.
  • What football player are you: six basic questions about some footballing habits told me I was Robinho, from Real Madrid: "Pelé's descendant, overrated, very bad teamwork, a typical Brazilian". Slam!
  • English football: strange application for support of the English national team which you couldn´t get me to install by paying me for it.
  • Football grounds: An application similar to the many useless "Where I've been applications", but to show which stadiums you have visited. But it wasn´t working
  • Love football (soccer): I would never add an application that writes soccer in parenthesis (There is only ONE football!), and this application is a useless feature to add the badges of your favourite team on your facebook profile. Sad...
  • UEFA Cup picks/Champions League/EURO 2008 picks: A game-prediciton game for the UEFA Cup and champions league. There is also a new one for the EURO 2008 and I immediately joined it and made my first round predictions (which I should publish here up to the tournament starts!)
  • Premier football: a social networking game, I guess, where you can make a team made up of your facebook friends, which then play against other teams. For people with too much time...
  • Fantasy football: There are so many of these on the internet, I guess Facebook had to have one; it is with Premier League football only though, but I may be tempted to make a team. (And yes, spot my self-irony: I have no life!).
  • Are you a real football fan?: This is a football quiz, and is fine, although it is clearly aimed at fans of English football, with an overwhelming amount of questions on English football. But it is addicting! And just for the record: I am a superfan...

Besides the "Picks" application (I always make predictions anyway, and this makes it easier),Facebook is a great waste of time, for football fans as well.

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