Tuesday, April 22, 2008

John Arne Riise's brain diarrhea

Whatever happened to John Arne Riise!? Liverpool was one up against Chelsea on the first leg of the Champions League semifinal; they had been the better team, and a home win would give them a good head start before next week's second leg in London.
But in the 95th minute, in the dying seconds of the match, Chelsea equalized... Well, John Arne Riise did it for them, when he headed a splendid own goal, after a cross towards Drogba.
It wasn't that it actually happens: all players make such mistakes, but it was the timing... Could their be a worse moment to score an own goal...!? Also one cannot help to think, watching the situation, whether Mr. Riise just lost concentration: it wasn't a difficult ball, and it seemed Mr. Riise made great trouble of what shouldn't have been a problem.
Poor Mr. Riise. But for Liverpool, the Champions League final suddenly moved one step away, and they will have a hard time in London.
The mistakes that change football history...

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