Friday, December 14, 2007

Fabio Capello

The apparently neverending speculation of who should follow Mr. McLaren as coach of the English national team seems to be at an end, as Mr. Fabio Capello, the charismatic Italian coach with a superb CV, has apparently been confirmed as new manager (as I write this, some contractual issues seem to be pending).
Mr. Capello has been Champions League winner with AC Milan (the 1994 4-0 victory against FC Barcelona), Italian champion with AC Milan, AS Roma and Juventus, as well as Spanish champion with Real Madrid (in 1996 and last season). He is undoubtedly a very qualified gentleman, but is he what the English want...?
Mr. Capello was criticized in Real Madrid for being too defensive, something that is bound to happen again in England, specially if results are not forthcoming. To coach England is surely different (not more difficult though!) than anything Mr. Capello has done before, and in particular the demands from the English public will put him under pressure.
I wish him the best of luck!

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