Friday, January 27, 2006

Senegal-Ghana tonight!

Ghana is playing a crucial match against Senegal in the African Cup. Senegal won their first match against Zimbabwe 2-0, while Ghana lost to Nigeria. The Black Stars must win tonight!
I have not been so psyched for a national team match for long. I really hope that the Black Stars will make lion gullasch out of the Senegalese! If not, I will have to buy beer to anyone who supports Senegal!
Good luck Senegalese! You will need it!

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El Erik said...

Ghana played an excellent match, even without Sammy Kuffour in defense. It was a very well-deserved 1-0 victory, which specially after the first half, should and could have been larger. In any case, Ghana got the three points because of Matthew Amoah's goal, and are now set to defeat Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe lost 2-0 to Nigeria, and only have their honour to play for. Ghana must win!