Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Liverpool in the final!

Livepool has surprisingly arrived to the final of the 2004-2005 Champions League, to be played in Istambul on May 25th.
I had earlier said that Liverpool would have their hands full against Chelsea. They certainly played a well-fought match, and I am sure many Liverpool fans today woke up to find they had no fingers, from biting their nails so much towards the nerve-wrecking end of the match.
Although facing a disciplined and fighting Liverpool side, Chelsea was a disappointment. Maybe they were still hung-over from their Premier Championship victory against Bolton last Saturday; or maybe they just didn't have the edgy luck that has followed them in this successful season. I am happy though, that they did not go to win the double. It is only good and refreshing for European as well as English football to have a healthy variety of successful teams. And Liverpool deserves to be where they are. Although they have not had a brilliant season in the Premiership, they have been excellent in the CL, and some of their players have shown the world class they truly have: Stephen Gerrard, Luis Garcia, Jerzy Dudek.
Liverpool will do well in the final, no matter who they play.

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