Monday, October 18, 2004

Danish football twits

In Danish football, there is a very controversial man called Christian Andersen. He is currently coaching the team of FC Nordsjælland (another unpronounceable name of a Danish team), where he continues to be a very controversial coach: he has a very antisocial attitude and unpleasant way of addressing people. At the same time, he is very direct, making him a seemingly awful person. However, he has had great results with lesser teams, and in 1999, he was recruited to coach Denmark's biggest club, FC Copenhagen. But on this post, he was fired after only one game. It was then said that he had been fired because of personality clashes with the players. A long period of slandering ensued, particularly between Mr. Andersen, and the uncharismatic president of FCK, Mr. Flemming Østergaard, also known as "Don Ø".
In the last week, the slandering has reached proportions of shit-slandering. Mr. Andersen published a book, boring as it may seem, where he criticized the attitude of Don Ø, as well as other candid remarks on for instance Per Frimann, former boss in the football club AB, and now a central figure on a Danish football TV show, OnSide.
Then, this weekend, Don Ø was on TV with Mr. Frimann, commenting on the real reason Mr. Andersen was fired five years ago. It was apparently because Mr. Andersen was a drunk womanizer during a trip to the Canayr Islands, five years ago. Don Ø could not keep quiet any more.
Now, Mr. Andersen is obviously an idiot. But Don Ø is more so by replying to him in this low way, five years after these events supposedly happened. It is nothing but a low form of revenge, of the kind a real gentleman would be too large to enter into.
It is understandable that both these teams play so bad, and both lost pathetically this weekend (FCK 1-4 to Silkeborg, and FCN 2-3 to Esbjerg). At least fans of either team can be entertained by this pathetic circus of two clowns, when their teams cannot perform. Maybe we will have to be thankful, to them and to OnSide for providing the cannon fodder.

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