Thursday, August 19, 2004

Michael Owen to Real Madrid - top-10 reasons

The Real Madrid circus of Florentino Perez has done it again: gotten a new star player for the already star-packed team.
I thought that it was over with this kind of purchases after the arrival of a more serious Camacho as coach, and with him more seriousness to the team: the purchase of star defenders Walter Samuel from Roma, and now Jonathan Woodgate from Newcastle.
With the incorporation of the super-striker Fernando Morientes, and already having Ronaldo and Raul, I just want to ask what the hell Michael Owen is good for (than replace a Portillo ceded to Fiorentina)?
I used to admire Mr. Owen a lot. I cannot see what good this is for him. But here are my top-ten reasons for Michael Owen changing to Real Madrid:

1) Posh spice was feeling lonely
2) David Beckham was feeling lonely
3) Set up an English course on the Real Madrid bench.
4) "I always wanted to get to know Italy..."
5) It was the only English name Florentino Perez and Jorge Valdano could pronounce without taking a course.
6) Michael Owen, David Beckham and Jonathan Woodgate are the prologue of a hooligan invasion.
7) If everyone is going to be speaking Spanish in Liverpool, he might as well learn it in Spain.
8) He is a really nice guy, who might make the whole waiting on the bench less boring for everyone.
9) "I am tired of Svennie getting all the women. I need to get away"
10) Food can only get better in Spain.

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